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Putting My Experience
to Work

"For years I have served on the front lines in the fight to preserve our liberty. With the current administration in the White House, now more than ever we need to ensure that we have bold and faithful leadership at the local level to defend against blatant unconstitutional attacks, edicts, and executive orders. It is clear that the battleground in the fight for our freedom will not be in Washington D.C. or in Austin, it is right here at home. With my knowledge and experience, I plan to make Hood County a shining example of how local government should be managed. I will fight to defend Hood County, I will stand up for taxpayers, and I humbly ask for your vote!"

Boards & Service

Granbury Public Television Advisory Board, Board Member

Preserve Granbury, Board Member

Child advocacy and anti-sex trafficking activist

Pro-Life activist through my wife's Political Action Committee (PAC) Texan's for Life

Work Experience

Former Texas House of Representatives Chief of Staff, 7 years of service in the legislature


Republican Campaign Manager and Ethics Consultant

Business owner and aggressive entrepreneur


Small Business Consultant


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Where do I stand on the issues? I do my very best to provide you with clear goals and direction. On my platform page you will find some of my priorities, though there are so many things to be done in our community. If you would like more information regarding these issues or other goals that are important to you, please contact me today!