Where do I stand on the issues? I do my very best to provide you with clear goals and direction. On this page you will find some of my priorities, though there are so many things to be done in our community. If you would like more information regarding these issues or other goals that are important to you, please contact me today!

"I have been proving people wrong for 31 years, perseverance and tenacity is in my blood.  I am a servant leader, from protecting innocent life to protecting taxpayers. Now more than ever, we need strong conservative leadership in our community. With your support, we can show the world the real Hood County!"

First Line of Defence

With the federal government fighting to take our rights away, I vow to protect and defend your rights. For years I have been a steadfast servant leader in the battle to preserve our liberty and freedom. As your County Judge, I will continue such efforts to utilize every platform available to ensure your voice is being heard in Austin and in Washington. I will not tolerate injustice and the blatant degradation of our United States and State of Texas Constitutions.

First Responders & Public Safety

Hood County fire, emergency medical services, and law enforcement infrastructure revitalization is critical. The fact that we are discussing the option of an emergency services taxing district is a direct reflection of county government leadership and the lack thereof. The harsh reality is, Hood County has underfunded and neglected public safety infrastructure, a core function of government. It is a top priority for me to aggressively change course for the betterment of our own safety, and for those who put their safety on the line each and every day. This includes, but not limited to, exploring and executing options for a new Hood County correctional facility (jail), the establishment of a Hood County Fire Department, and a centralized county wide contract for emergency medical ambulance service. I will stand up for our first responders.

Role of Government

Our Declaration of Independence states we have the right to secure Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  We should protect these rights by following limited government principles with open transparency. As your representative, my office represents you, the taxpayer. Therefore, my office is your resource for providing accurate information on important topics and keeping you up to date on pending legislation.

Intergovernmental Communication

It is important to me that our community as a whole, including our various forms of government (local, state, and federal), communicate and work together as a team. Not working as a team is a disservice to the constituents that each level of government represents equally – you! I don’t have time for expensive territorial and jurisdictional disputes, neither do you. I have built good working relationships with folks at every level of government. As your County Judge, I will leverage those relationships to the best of my ability in order to make Hood County the example of leadership in Texas.

Create Taxpayer Relief Fund

Currently, Hood County operates with a large slush-fund that is used for projects and pricey items throughout the year that were not budgeted for. I want to establish a new fund dedicated to reducing property tax burden on taxpayers. All none emergency projects and items that come up through the year can be budgeted for the following budget cycle. Therefore, I would like the grand majority of the additional revenue collected by the county that would normally be deposited in this slush-fund to be put towards reducing the following years property tax burden. In other words, this would effectively buy down the tax rate.

Lower Property Taxes

For the past several years, Hood County has knowingly and purposefully increased your property taxes, even when the growth within the county alone produces plenty of additional revenue. In my opinion, the growth the past few years has been so great, tax payers should have seen a reduction in County taxes. There is a path to lowering property taxes and it isn’t unreasonable, pie-in-the-sky, or out of reach as some bureaucrats would say.

Zero Based Budgeting

Currently, Hood County operates with a recurrent system of budgeting. Which means each year during budgeting, departments come to the table to talk about what more they need this year than the last year in order to operate. Though some departments take a great deal of pride in their budgeting efficiency, some can become very complacent. I would like to see Hood County operate under with a base of “zero” each year. Not that each department will be sliced and diced, but by operating under a zero-based budgeting system, it will make it easier on the commissioners court to determine what areas need to become more efficient.


Hood County is not prepared for the growth we are experiencing on a daily basis. As a core function of government, transportation is one of my to priorities. For years, I have built a working relationship with the Texas Department of Transportation and I am very familiar with the tools available to our community and how to leverage them effectively.